5 New Talismans to claim your courage!

We are excited to open our online store and story of courage and resistance.  The story is YOUR story as you maintain integrity and remain strong in the face of deepening adversity. Your story celebrating our differences.  Join us at B2W as we honor the people who have cary the courage to stand up and stand strong. We want to hear from you!  Join us on Facebook

We offer these new talismans as a way to declare your participation.

1. The Resist Fist Pendant

Resist Fists Pendants

2. Balls To The Wall Pendant  ( large and small )

Balls To The Wall Pendants

3. Resist Banana T-Shirt

Resist Banana T-shirt

4.  Sister, Resister, Persister T-shirt

Sister T-shirt

5. Don't Touch My Hat T-shirt

My Hat T-shirt